Spiral Steps


  1. We admitted that we had a problem and made the decision to reclaim our lives.


  1. We came to believe that there was hope for healing, health and balance.


  1. We now honor our connection with the divine, as we understand it, and we accept the process of change.


  1. We make a searching, fearless and honest inventory of our behavior and beliefs.  We consider their effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves and their impact on our relations with others.


  1. We admit to ourselves and to another human being what is both healthy and unhealthy in our lives and we make a daily commitment to heal ourselves in body, mind and spirit.


  1. We are willing to seek our Highest Good and to grow both spiritually and emotionally.


  1. We let go of dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors and we consciously welcome joy, love and peace into our lives.


  1. We make a list of all beings we have harmed, including ourselves, and we become willing to make amends to them all.


  1. We work to restore balance in our lives.  We make direct amends to others wherever possible and we value and care for ourselves.


  1. We continue to take personal inventory and promptly acknowledge both our mistakes and our achievements whenever they occur.


  1. We continue to grow in compassion, strength and understanding.  We  learn to celebrate our lives and our connection to all living things. 


  1. Having had a spiritual and emotional awakening, we work to help others along the path and we practice these principles in all our affairs.


  1. We seek to find our calling and to develop the will and the wisdom to follow it.



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