Spiral Traditions


  1. A Spiral Steps Group has one primary purpose; to provide a safe and supportive place for those who wish to focus on our own health and healing. 


  1. For our group purpose, there is but one authority – a Loving Spirit as expressed in our group conscience.


  1. The only requirements for membership are respect for the ethics embodied in Earth Wise Spirituality and a sincere desire for health and healing.


  1. We affirm that these are non-cross talk meetings.  This means that we share our experience, strength and hope and that we use “I messages” when we share.  It is not necessary that we agree with each member’s opinion because we “take what we need and leave the rest”.


  1. We each pledge to honor our own boundaries and to respect the boundaries of the other people in this group.  In this way we honor our need for community and protect our rights as individuals.


  1. A Spiral Steps Group ought never to let personal, social or political issues divert us from our primary purpose.


  1. We honestly acknowledge the problems in our lives in order to grow and heal.  At the same time, we keep our primary focus on the solution.


  1. We respect the right of each member to seek outside sources of healing for their body, mind and spirit.  This includes nutritional counseling, individual therapy, medical care and the various alternative forms of healing available to us.


  1. Each Spiral Steps Group is to be fully self supporting.  Group members take turns leading the weekly meetings.  As leaders, we act as trusted servants, we do not govern.


  1. Spiral Steps has no opinion on other issues, Paths or Traditions.  Hence our group ought never be drawn into public controversy.


  1. Anonymity builds the trust that serves as our group’s foundation.  What we hear, here, let it stay here.


  1. We agree to place “Principles before Personalities” in all of our dealings with one another.


  1. We respect the right of each individual to follow their chosen spiritual path, accepting that each person’s path is the right one for them.




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